Looking for a community or high school theatre group who wants to do the first performance. This will be my opportunity to tune the script. The advantage to the theatre troupe is I will work with them and there will be no license fee for the performances. All of the materials are electronic. The script is in PDF format so you can print as many as you need. The group does not have to be local. We can discuss over Zoom.

Rich Helms

Setting and Time

Duchy of Grand Fenwick Castle – Mid 1960’s


I – Up to agreement to ship the rocket to Grand Fenwick
II – One year later


The stage is static through out the play. The rocket interior is covered with a stone printed drape in Act I. The drape is lowered to represent the launch. In the book the rocket is launched from the Jericho Tower.

When an area is active, it is lit.



Dr. Theodore Kokintz – Professor M 50’s Brilliant, an idealist but not comical. He looks like a typical mad professor.
Count Mountjoy M 50’s Prime Minister. Flashy dresser. Bit of a con man, but good hearted.
Dr. Vincent Mountjoy M 20’s Brilliant but naive in the workings of state. Count’s son.
Duchess Gloriana XII F 20’s Sovereign of Grand Fenwick.
Tully Bascomb M 20’s Gloriana’s husband. Honest. He is the straight man to Mountjoy schemes.
David Bentner M 40’s Opposition leader. Man of the people.
Cynthia Bentner F 20’s David’s daughter. Vincent Mountjoy’s love interest.
US Secretary of State M 50’s Key man in US negotiations.
Frederick Paxton Wendover M 30’s Assistant to US Secretary of State
Neil Armstrong * M 39 First man to walk on Moon
Larry Baysinger * M 20’s Radio technician
Glenn Rutherford * M 23 Louisville Courier-Journal reporter
Alex Kingfisher M/F 20’s MIT grad student. Keeps showing up in period costume.
Jamie Spender M/F 20’s Assistant at US Embassy in France.
Speaker of the House M/F 40’s Runs Fenwick parliament

In the script M/F dialog is written as female for ease of reading.

Neil Armstrong, Glenn Rutherford and the Speaker of the House could be played by one male person.

* Real people from History